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The ancient science of astrology was founded on the connection of the universe and the individual; the movement of the planets in relationship to events in life.  It is mathematical.  Transits, progressions, and eclipses energize certain areas of the chart, as well as the planets they come into relationship with, reflecting opportunity, events, and potential.

In my work, I look at the chart as an architectural blueprint; just  as the blue print is intended to serve as a guide to the realization of the technical drawing, so is the chart a guide to the realization of the soul’s path. It has been called the language of the soul; when the meaning of the mystery is decoded, it provides a gateway to insight and understanding of one’s individual blueprint, as well as one’s current challenges and opportunities.


“Although I was obliged to express doubt, earlier, about the mantic (prophetic) character of astrology, I am now forced, as a result of my astrological experiment, to recognize it again.”
Carl Jung V8/994



About Cathryn

I became fascinated with Astrology as a teenager. As I began to learn about the traits of the individual Sun signs, I discovered how aligned I was with a sign other than my own.  This aroused my curiosity, and shortly thereafter, I had my personal chart calculated. I was stunned to learn that the sign to which I had intuitively felt so closely linked, was the sign of my Ascendant and Moon. This was the beginning of my astrological journey, and I quickly became a dedicated student of the art.

Initially I did charts for family, friends, and absolutely anyone who was interested, without charge, as a tool to develop my skill. At the same time, I devoted myself to course study, workshops, and endless research. I lived the language of Astrology.  I began to develop a clientele as a professional astrologer, eventually leaving my executive position to follow my heart’s work.


My personal journey to understand the language of Astrology, and to decode its symbols, planets and patterns, has been very meaningful.  For those less familiar with the language of Astrology, my gift to share is my ability to translate these symbols and archetypes into information which can be helpful. Astrology’s symbolic language has many powerful and useful insights to offer into one’s personal gifts, challenges, resources, and patterns.  


In addition to my Jungian studies, my work is greatly informed by my primary spiritual teacher, William Brugh Joy, M.D., whose brilliant and gifted understanding of human patterns, continues to animate and inform my path.

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